Independent Lawyer in Spain

Finding and Independent Lawyer in Spain when transferring a property is highly recommended to ensure that all the process is done properly.

Independent Lawyer in Spain

When we talk about an independent lawyer in Spain, what we mean is an unbiased lawyer. This can sound pretty normal, but is not. In recent decades, there have been many cases where the lawyer had agreements with real state agencies or builders to to get more money out than normal from buyer. Spain has suffered very recently a housing bubble, and these fraudulent practices were common. That’s why is important to find an independent lawyer in Spain.

independent lawyer in Spain

What can happen without an independent lawyer in Spain?

An attorney is there to represent your interests, but is not a legal requirement. Although, having one when transferring a property in Spain is recommended because his job is to review the home inspection, check that the property has no loads (such as a garnishment order), check the cadastral, make sure the ownership of the participants, supervising the drafting of contracts and many other things.
So, not having an independent lawyer in Spain may incur a variety of problems:

  • Failing to file the appropriate documents at the region or city level.
  • If building permits are not filed, certain structures may have to be rebuilt.
  • If any documentation is missing, the contract may be canceled
  • If a deed is not properly transferred it could cause a variety of income and estate taxes

What if estate agent recommends me a solicitor?

If a real state agent recommends you a solicitor, we recommend that you do not accept it. They often do so because they get a hefty commission that can add several hundred pounds to your bill. They recommend the person that pays the highest commission rather than the one that offers the best service. Finding and independent lawyer in Spain is not easy, but here in Gonzalez Sastre Solicitors we can help you through all the conveyancing process.
Contact us without obligation and we can advice you free of charge on your case.

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