GONZÁLEZ SASTRE SOLICITORS S.C.P is one of the leading law firms when transferring properties in Spain. We have an extensive experience in advising and legal defense of the interests of individuals and companies in two of the largest and most complex areas of Spanish law: Civil and Administrative Law.

To achieve this, the law firm in Asturias features a team of professionals specialized in every one of the disciplines that make these subjects, thus guaranteeing a personal, efficient and direct relationship with the client in resolving problems in the daily legal transactions.
González Sastre is a law firm currently formed by four lawyers. Its proven experience in the fields of civil law and administrative law, comply with the current requirements of customers looking for a lawyer to solve their main problems in these areas previously commented. Although the way we work means that we continuously coordinate in order that the whole office is fully informed of all matters that are entrusted to us by our customers, each coordinating a specific area of law.

Legal advice and defense in Civil and Administrative Law

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Property Transfer and Taxes in Spain

Property Transfer and Taxes in Spain. Unbiased legal assistance is highly advisable when transferring property in Spain. We offer an all inclusive package.

Conveyancing Solicitor in Spain

We provide a full conveyancing service when transferring properties to Spain. As solicitors we help you through all the process.

Independent Lawyer in Spain

Finding and Independent Lawyer in Spain when transferring a property is highly recommended to ensure that all the process is done properly.







The Firm

Attorneys in SpainExperience has taught us that true success in solving a problem is not only the effectiveness of the result but how quickly decisions are made. Domingo González Sastre, founding partner of the firm, is considered one of the most prestigious lawyers nationwide in the field of civil liability for construction, since he has been the lawyer and legal adviser of the association of architects of Asturias and ASEMAS for over 30 years. Their knowledge and expertise has been transmitted to other lawyers who make up the Company during the past 15 years, which not only absorbed but also expanded the quality and quantity, embracing with full warranty the most important matters of Private Law, practicing as independent lawyers specializing in divorces, undertakings and contracts, leases, Condominium and neighborhoods and public law, especially in the complex field of Urban Planning Law.
Furthermore, as private relations with legal content are increasingly common among Spanish and foreign (EU or not) citizens, we have lawyers who have a high knowledge of legal and business English in order to advice to any business you want to perform in Spain, especially in the field of property transfer and taxes associated with buying and selling real estate.

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Conveyancing after Brexit

5 July / Posted By César Fernandez García-Balmaseda

Conveyancing after Brexit

Now that the United Kingdom has decided in referendum that want to leave the European Union, doubts about commercial transactions between countries begin to emerge. Conveyancing after Brexit sounds pretty risky but today we’re going to dedicate a few words to clarify what is going to happen and what to expect. Conveyancing after Brexit Buying […]

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Conveyancing Solicitor

21 June / Posted By gonzalezsastre

Conveyancing solicitor: finding the right one

In previous posts we talked about taxes when transferring a property in Spain, and we started a series of posts about how to buy a property in Spain, so today we’re going to talk about how to find the right conveyancing solicitor. Let’s start. Now you have decided to buy a property in Spain, and […]

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Buying Property in Spain

25 May / Posted By César Fernandez García-Balmaseda

Buying property in Spain: Tips and Tricks

We start today a series of posts to explain in deep all that concerns the process of buying property in Spain. We are aware that buying real estate is a very important decision to make, so we’ll explain step by step all the points you need to consider when buying property in Spain. Let’s start. […]

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Our Attorneys

abogados especialistas en construcción

Domingo González Sastre

Founding Partner

Founder of the law firm with extensive experience in all areas of law relating to building and construction supported by its long relationship with the Professional Association of Architects for over thirty years.

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Abogados de divorcios en Gijón

Esteban González-Sastre R.


Lawyer specializing in Construction and Building Law in the field of civil liability. He is also responsible for the areas of Family Law and Property Landscape.

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Abogados desahucios Asturias

Elena Rodríguez Rebollo


Attorney addition to exercising the main functions of the office related to building and construction is responsible for the areas of Law, Leases, Inheritance and Obligations and Contracts in general.

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Abogados de urbanismo Asturias

César Fdez García-Balmaseda


Specialist in Liability and Administrative Law in areas of construction, urban development and planning. Also in charge of assistance to our foreign customers (Conveyancing and Property Transfer). English Speaker.

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